Year 6 WWI and WWII displays!

In Year 6, we have been learning all about WWI and Walter Tull in particular. We then painted, printed and coloured poppies. The children wanted to represent all people with their poppies so we have some red, some white, some black and some purple.

We then moved on to learn about WWII and the children wrote diaries in role as a child about the outbreak of war. We designed them in the style of Flossie Albright’s War Diary and we enjoyed putting secret messages under flaps and in envelopes attached to the diary entry!

In October, we visited RAF Hendon and the children learnt all about Spitfire planes and drew these amazing replicas before writing information texts about them. The children worked so hard last term to produce these beautiful pieces of work. Such a shame that you can’t come and in see them, and I’m sure these photos don’t do them justice but we hope you enjoy them nonetheless!!