Keep it EP

Why are we asking for your help now?

Our governors, ably supported by our fantastic admin team, have worked so hard with increasingly tight budgets in recent years to reduce costs, seek additional revenue and make financial efficiencies.

However, various factors have conspired to mean that we now face a budget deficit which is likely to increase significantly over the coming years.

  • Reduced central government funding for us as for all inner London schools;
  • Increases in staffing costs: pay increases, increased pension costs and significant back payments for support staff pensions;
  • A reduction in our funding for deprivation, reflecting the changing demographic of our school in recent years;
  • A reduction in funding for pupils with special needs.

Obviously we agree with pay increases for hard-working staff and with the principle of more money going to those schools who face greater challenges. But, as you know, there is a national issue with regard to the overall level of schools funding in particular and for public services more generally.

Help our children continue to enjoy the rich and broad curriculum that this school offers

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Our position

The net result is an in-year shortfall of about £50,000 next year and a certainty of increased deficits going forward unless we take swift action. PTA fund-raising cannot and should not fund core staffing (classteachers, admin staff etc). This is the job of central government and it is the responsibility of the governing body to set a budget on a sustainable basis.

Whilst continue to keep a tight rein on our core costs as a school, it is time to consider how we can ‘Keep It EP’ for many years to come so that your children can continue to enjoy the rich and broad curriculum that this school offers. Music tuition, sports opportunities, scientists in residence, an extraordinary trip programme that embeds our curriculum in real experiences, dance groups, art projects, whole school swimming, evening community events and residentials are, after all, what make our school so unique, engaging, inspiring and inclusive. This rich curriculum offer is not statutory and is not on offer in many primary schools.

We are lucky to have such committed staff, many of whom have been with us for many years and as well as leading and supporting all these extra opportunities, are themselves inspired by the richness of the Eleanor Palmer curriculum and community. ‘Keep it EP’ also enables us to recruit and retain the very best teachers.

Our teacher training programme and leadership of professional development of teachers across Camden is also part of our income generation and our ability to recruit and retain teachers. Key staff work exceptionally hard to generate an income that we can use to top up our budget, but as the Government has now withdrawn the funding that it used to give us as a Teaching School, the amount of income this work generates is diminishing.

Keep it EP

Help our children continue to enjoy the rich and broad curriculum that this school offers



Will the staff know if I donate?

No. All donations will be anonymous and will in no way affect your child’s experience of school.

Can I just do a one off donation?

Yes. Once you click our Keep It EP logo, it will take you to the donation page and there is a clear choice between on-going and one-off donations.

I can’t afford to donate. Can I help in other ways?

Yes please!
Could your company offer match funding?
Can you help out at a school fund-raising event?
Can you offer services for our silent auction at the Summer Fair?
Can you help with small maintenance jobs at school?

Can parents pay salaries?

No. It is the responsibility of the government and the school leadership/governing body to ensure that core curriculum related salaries are paid for and that a balanced budget is returned. Parents cannot and should not be responsible for on-going salary costs. However we cannot guarantee that our enrichment provision in music, art and sport can be maintained.

Does this mean you won’t ask for trip donations anymore?

Sadly no. The £30 voluntary donation we ask for annually only goes part-way to funding our trips programme. The school currently puts an additional £6,000 towards this rich and ambitious programme.

What more can I do?

Write to your MP and take every opportunity to pressure this government to funds its schools properly.