Year Groups

Our school has one class of 30  per year group. Click on the relevant fish above to find out more about what has been going on in each class. As well as lots of interesting work in class, we have a full programme of visits and visitors to enhance the curriculum. There is never a dull moment at Eleanor Palmer!

Home Learning

We very much hope we don’t have to close a class again but if we do, we have listened to your feedback about things that were more difficult about using google classrooms. To support you, here are SHORT (less than 5 minute) helpful videos created by Lacey Cousins.

How to login and join a class

How to organise assignments to be completed

How to upload a photo on a device

How to upload a photo on a laptop or PC

How to join a zoom meeting on chromebook

Click  here to see the archive communications from our Spring lockdown

Click on your child’s class fish for further support.