Year 1 at St Paul’s

On Friday Year 1 headed into the city to visit one of the most famous landmarks in London, St Paul’s!

When we got there we learnt more about its history and its importance as both a religious building and a building of London.
We explored the story of its history linked the the Great Fire of London  which further helped us understand changes in London over time.

After enjoying the incredible internal views, we headed up the 100s of steps to look out over London. We spotted many of the other famous landmarks of London helping us to visualise our sense of place and direction.

Just before we headed home we took a short walk to the Thames. It started to rain but turning back we saw a beautiful rainbow shining right over St Paul’s!

What an amazing day, the staff at St Paul’s were so impressed with the class, both their knowledge and behaviour they awarded them a St Paul’s certificate!