Wildlife Garden Corridor

Pre-pandemic we put in a bid for Tesco’s ‘Bags of Help’ funding in conjunction with Groundworks. We won the award and then everything ground to a halt as we went into lockdown.

But the project came back to life as the children returned, and Year 3 have been working with art teacher Kally and Bernie our gardener to create our ‘Wildlife Garden Corridor’.

The overgrown area at the back of the music room was cleared and we built two new composting boxes and a bin for leaf mould, regenerating this neglected area of the playground to provide food and protection for wildlife and to support urban biodiversity. We hope improving the habitat will attract pollinators, insects and small animals – we are already seeing this happening!

Kally helped with signage for all our planting beds to help us identify what we are growing, and we will be adding information sheets about these plants.

There is a small seating area for study and we are delighted that through this project we have been able to create a wonderful wildlife ‘outdoor lab’ for observation, identification and monitoring!

Outside school we have a noticeboard to update the community about what we’re growing and with the latest ‘garden news’! The project is near completion, but we hope to welcome out first community visitors at the School Fair next Tuesday 20th for a sneak preview!