Wick Court Adventures!

Day 2 here at Wick Court and we are fully settled in and loving life on the farm! After a smooth coach journey here (with no sickness! Hooray!) we unpacked into our dormitories and got stuck straight into our first farm job. We have visited Oldbury dairy and fed the calves – amazingly, one calf was born at 3pm yesterday so it is very new! We have also fed the other animals, collected eggs, harvested apples to juice later this week and met some of the local residents – including Molly, the famous bread-eating sheep! She is very friendly!

We had a great night’s sleep and everyone was up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning for a delicious breakfast – scrambled eggs and bacon produced on the farm. Yum! Now Year 6 are enjoying some free time – playing basketball, football, writing in their diaries or enjoying a game of giant chess before we have our lunch, to give us plenty of energy for this afternoon’s fun jobs. We love Wick Court!

I am taking photos throughout our time here and will be adding to this album when possible 🙂

Miss Thomson