Humpty Dumpty Crime Scene!

Today, we found a crime scene… an egg – cracked into lots of pieces, at the bottom of a tall wall! Was it Humpty Dumpty? How did it happen? Was it an accident? Or had the egg been pushed?

First Nursery tried to help – bandages, medicine, tape… but it was no good – they couldn’t put him back together again!

Next Nursery started to work out who did it! They went to the office, but Lindsay said she was no where near the crime scene. They went into Miss Frood’s office and she explained that she would never push an egg of the wall!

Nursery thought it could be the Naughty Fairy! She usually steals our numbers – and maybe the egg had got in the way? They made notices to tell the Naughty Fairy to stop and built traps to try and catch the Naughty Fairy.

Finally, at the end of the day… there was a knock at the door – it was HUMPTY DUMPTY! He was looking for his friend Humphrey. We shared the sad news…

…But now Nursery have an idea – tomorrow they will make egg-protectors for Humpty Dumpty so that he would not crack if he fell off the wall!

Watch this space!