Year 2

Year 2 is all about learning, fun, friendliness and getting ready for the Juniors! On here, you will find photos of all our trips and exciting events, links to some great websites and information about what is happening both in and out of the classroom.

We kick off the year with a trip back in time to Ancient Greece, reading amazing myths and discovering historic heroes and beasts. In Spring term, we travel ‘Around the World’, looking at each of the different continents and many of the wonders that they hold. One of the biggest excitements of Year 2 in the first overnight trip to The Mill, which comes in Summer term. This helps us to further develop our scientific knowledge of ‘Minibeasts’, our topic for the term.

Look back through posts over the years to see some of the amazing things we have learnt – hopefully it will make you wonder about all that you can achieve in Year 2!

Click here for two important documents to support maths at home!

Firstly, the all-important summary of mental maths skills expected by the end of Year 2

EP Mental Maths Home Learning card

Secondly, a summary of the new Year 2 Maths Curriculum with what we think are the most important bits underlined!

EP Y2 end of year maths

Have fun!