SEND Categories

7. Accessible Classrooms and Effective Support

We continue to work to ensure that our classrooms are safe, accessible and stimulating places to learn. We have an Accessibility Plan through which we detail accessibility improvements over time.

We offer effective additional support in class through careful consideration of individual pupils’ needs. This might look like:

  • Targeted curriculum support in class; access to 1:1 or small group support;
  • Adapted resources to ensure success, for example, word banks, spelling supports and task planners;
  • Use of visual timetables and clear explanations of tasks for a child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder;
  • Breaking information down into smaller more manageable parts to support a child with a working memory deficit;
  • Use of seating supports or wobble cushions are provided to support a child postural support;
  • Use of writing slopes and specific pencil support grips can be provided to support with the process of writing;
  • Offering opportunities for ‘Time Out’ for a child with emotional needs;
  • Specialist digital technology; iPads, Write Online or laptop computers.

We work closely with specialist teams in Camden who provide guidance and advice for supporting children with particular SEN needs within the classroom.

How are the children involved in the process?