SEND Categories

6. Specialist Services and Support

We keep up this process of assess – plan – do – review each term. Where a pupil continues to make less than expected progress, despite support and interventions that are matched to the pupil’s areas of need we will consider involving specialists. As a Camden school we are well placed to access an excellent range of support services – see below. We are also able to draw on the nearby Kentish Town Resource Base for advice on Autistic Spectrum pupils.

The involvement of specialists and what was discussed or agreed will be recorded and shared with you as parents and with teaching staff supporting the child in the same way as other SEND support. As parents you will always be involved in any decision to involve specialists.

These services provide a range of support including:

  • working one-to-one and with small group work with children
  • providing training for teaching and support staff
  • helping us to assess needs and plan next steps and review progress

If your child requires these services we will involve you in the process at every stage: we will ask you to sign a referral form before the support can go ahead and you will meet the relevant specialist before they meet your child. If your child then receives support from a specialist team, you will be able to meet a member of the team to discuss your child’s progress.

You can find more information about specialist services who work with Camden schools in the Local Authority Local Offer website: Health and Care Services Section

We currently work with the following services:

Specialist Service Frequency Examples of what they do
Educational Psychologists 12 visits a year Observation of children.

Advice to staff, parents + children

Support for assessments
The Camden Hearing Impaired service

The Camden Visually Impaired service
By referrals for specific children Support and advice to parents, children and school staff on meeting the needs of children with loss of sight and hearing
Occupational Therapists School based work and work with referred individuals. Broadly 6 half day visits a term. Support with handwriting, concentration, posture, fine and gross motor skills
Camden Language and Communication Service School based work and work with referred individuals. Broadly 6 half day visits a term. Help with speech and language concerns. Developing vocabulary, social skills
Robson House Outreach On request Training, support and advice to school staff, and direct work with children with social, mental and emotional health difficulties
Camden Education Welfare Service Half termly visits Support if there are issues around attendance
Open minded (previously The CAMHS Team) Fortnightly in-school counsellor Support for the emotional and personal development of children
Kentish Town School Autism Resource Base On request Advice and support on request
SCAS – Social and Communication Assessment Service On request Part of MOSAIC which specialises in assessment and support for children on the autistic spectrum
MOSAIC – supporting children with complex needs Referrals as necessary A range of services for children with more complex needs
Social Services As necessary If there are any child protection concerns
Health visitor/school nurse Monthly - no set routine Routine visits and extra visits on request for specific concerns around health and well-being
Early Years Parent Adviser Private consultant – blocks of half day visits Support for families in the all important early years

Each service has referral and eligibility criteria – this means that service support is targeted on children with higher levels of need. Their time is limited and sometimes it may be that after a referral process there is a wait. Waiting lists can be frustrating: we work really hard to try to get help from external professionals as soon as possible.

Will my child be able to access learning if they have special needs?