SEND Categories

4. Teaching and Learning Support

After assessments and discussions, we would agree that the child is registered as having ‘SEN support’ and begin a process of graduated support.

The first thing we do is to share concerns with you as parents. Then, the lead SEN teacher will draw up a ‘My Plan’, (see ‘What does a My Plan look like?) This is written in collaboration with you and your child and records targets for the term.

We set SMART targets, targets that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and that set a Timeframe

Parents are given a copy of this ‘My Plan’ to take home so everyone is clear what the targets, support and strategies are and so that everyone works together.

This ‘My Plan’ frames the work your child does with additional adults. This might be a daily 15 minute session or a 30 minute session one to one three times a week. We tend to follow the principle of ‘little and often’.

These sessions run for a limited time. They are well taught by a Teacher or Teaching Assistant. We provide additional support through a variety of approaches and our core principle is doing what is right for your child rather than using ‘off the peg’ packages and programmes. These include targeted literacy support in the classroom and in one to one and small group teaching sessions. We always consult you when we are planning to do this and we report back on your child’s progress.

We will always try to make sure that a child does not miss important parts of a lesson, or consistently miss the same lesson. Teachers constantly talk with SEN/D support staff and rotate when children have their one to one time so the same subject/part of a lesson isn’t missed. We often do groups in assembly too.

How do you review how things are going?