SEND Categories

12. What do our parents say?

“This is such an inclusive school: the staff do whatever it takes for each child.”

“I feel very connected with school and how my child is getting on. Weekly meetings with my child’s assigned TA are brilliant. She gives me a timetable for the following week, shows me pictures and work.”

“My child has been given some ownership of how to manage his needs. The school has been brilliant at helping my child to become more independent.”

“The school’s response to my child’s needs has been brilliant and I’m so grateful for the level of imagination that’s gone into supporting their specific needs. I feel that my child is fully included in everything at school.”

“I like the whole class approach to my son’s needs. Instead of singling him out they changed elements of the whole class set up so that his needs were addressed.” (Introducing carpet squares in the Nursery because he needed a set place to sit).

“I have faith in and trust the school to manage all of this well.

“Our child is in 4th year at EP with a EHCP plan and we are so proud of all the progress he has made academically and socially since he joined the school. It would not have been possible without the support of the team at EP.”

“The My Plans make so much difference. If everyone’s involved it feels like we’re all part of something together, working together.”

“The My Plan brings my child to life in a way that the IEP never did.”

“Getting an EP assessment has been really helpful as we now know what my daughter’s specific needs are. The assessment made things clear and a diagnosis is helpful.”

“I love how my child received ‘pre-teaching’ in assembly times.”

“My child enjoys working in smaller groups and I know they are more confident to speak up in smaller groups.”

“Coach Martin’s log book has been a real incentive for my child”.

“Circle of Friends is really good”.