SEND Categories

11. Providing Support for Behaviour, Health, Well-being and Attendance

We are a UNICEF Rights Respecting Level 2 School and as such, place great store in the right of all children to be heard, to be included and to be safe.

We know that children are unlikely to flourish unless they are developing positive relationships, feel safe and are adopting healthy lifestyles. We also know that some children with SEND are particularly vulnerable when it comes to making and keeping friendships. We address many of these issues in our PHSE (Personal Health and Social Education) curriculum. We have a Behaviour Policy which is rooted in positive behaviour management and our Rights Respecting ethos.

We encourage children to develop confidence and resilience through our teaching, social play opportunities and through more targeted support where this is needed. We promote positive behaviour as part of our philosophy of learning – for example, through group and paired work. We have a ‘growth mindset’ philosophy and encourage children to be resilient learners from an early age, accepting failure and mistakes as central parts of the learning process.

We have a “ buddy” system – between Year 6 children and Reception. All children are included in this irrespective of their special needs. We always think carefully of the right buddy for a child with any SEND.

All children with SEND take on whole school responsibilities, for example…

  • Being an assembly monitor;
  • Leading a school tour for a visitor or prospective parent;
  • Sports Leader in Year 5;
  • Year 6 buddy to a Reception child;
  • Representing the school at an inclusive sports event.

We have an up to date policy on how we manage medical needs.

When a child with medical needs is absent long term from school we make sure we keep her or him in touch with learning and friendships.

Through our school nurse we induct staff on specialist areas such as Epipens and asthma.

We support all children to attend school regularly, for example thorough providing an enjoyable and stimulating curriculum and through home support where this is needed.

We provide specialist support and up to date training for staff on safeguarding, keeping children safe and meeting children’s emotional needs.

All of our staff and governors have an up to date DBS * check (Disclosure and Barring Service).

We have a well-trained team of playground assistants who organise games and activities. All are responsible for supervising the playground and some specific responsibilities for pupils with SEND. A very important part of their role is to keep a close eye on everything that is happening at lunch and break times and intervene if any child is feeling stressed or sad. We also offer an alternative quieter lunch time environment through our 1 o’clock club for those with specific needs who require this

Where else can I get information and support?

Camden funds the Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)SENDIASS website

Although it is funded by Camden Local Authority SENDIASS is totally independent in terms of giving advice. You will find information on the website