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Pupil Premium

The Governing Body of Eleanor Palmer school have decided that this grant should be spent as follows:

To ensure that we are able to recruit and develop teachers of the highest quality so that all our pupils have access to the highest quality teaching and learning and work with teachers committed to high standards for all and a rich and inspiring curriculum. Funding will support well structured and challenging training and coaching from senior leaders and ensure all teachers develop a full range of teaching strategies and approaches.

To extend the support for children’s learning by employing extra adults for targeted children to have one to one support.

To create a fund for children entitled to Free School Meals – now or in the past five years -and use this fund to subsidise:

  • School trips and other extracurricular activities and opportunities that boost learning;
  • Subsidised breakfast club places;
  • Subsidised after school club places;
  • School Journey Subsidy;
  • Individual musical instrument tuition.
  • In Year 6 , access to one to one after school tuition support, by our own teachers, for two terms.

Our Governing Body tracks the achievement of children who qualify for Free School Meals closely, ensuring have their needs clearly identified and their progress closely monitored throughout school, in particular monitoring the ‘gap’ in their achievement and that of their peers. The responsibility for this falls to the Curriculum Committee.

Our Parents, Pupils and Community Governors’ Committee monitors comparative engagement of disdvantaged pupils and their families in after-school and evennig clubs and events.

As a school we are constantly looking for ways to improve attitudes, achievement and parental engagement for all children working to ensure all aspects of school life are fully inclusive.

Key Stage 2 pupil premium data 2019 (9 pupils, class of 30)  – %

% Reached at least expected levels In school difference with non-pp Reached greater depth In school difference with non-pp
Combined 80 +4 0
Reading 80 -4 20
Writing 80 -4 0
Maths 100 +8 0


Progress scores KS1 to KS2 for disadvantaged pupils 2019

Reading +4.76
Writing +1.17
Maths +0.82