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PE and Sports Premium

Eleanor Palmer is proud to be an active school that provides an inclusive P.E. curriculum as well as a range of extra-curricular activities. We offer a wide (and changing) range of sports for the children to participate in, which help children to understand the importance of an active lifestyle (and associated health benefits) and increase their overall participation in borough wide events.  Children develop a range of physical skills as well as learn traditional team sports such as basketball and dodge-ball.

Over 2018-2019 Eleanor Palmer School received £17,800 from the government to support the delivery and provision of PE and sport. We use our ring-fenced government sports grant to support the delivery and provision of P.E. and sport. The grant partially funds the work of our specialist sports coach, Martin Lovejoy, who teachers P.E. to all classes from Nursery and mentors identified individuals and smaller groups of children to involve them in extra fitness sessions to build up their confidence and levels of activity.  Our coach also ensures we network and exploit opportunities beyond the school, for example, utilising the excellent facilities at the nearby Talacre Sports Centre by linking with the Camden Sports Coaching NVQ Training Programme.

We monitor and track the aerobic fitness levels of our children through regular activities such as the Bleep Test (to assess multi-stage fitness).  Almost all of our children (and staff!) walk, cycle or scooter to school each day and we are committed to walking as much as possible – for example, we utilise the great resource of Hampstead Heath for class activities and we no longer use coaches to transport the children to swimming as we walk to the pool and back each week. All children in Year 1-6 participate in a term of swimming lessons each year – 97% of our current year 6 (18-19) can swim at least 25 metres.

Within our core principle of inclusivity, Eleanor Palmer children participate in a range of competitive sporting events both within and beyond school. We hold a Sports Day at Parliament Hill running track each July and take part in annual events such as the Camden Swimming Gala, Athletics tournament, Cross Country (involving all our Junior children in 2019!) and other inclusive events organized by the borough.  We enter a girls and boys team into both the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Camden Schools football tournaments and have won the ‘fair-play’ trophy for the last two years.  Although we are a small school, we always finish in the top third of events giving our most able children are given a chance to shine.