World Premiere: “You’re still on mute!”

“You’re still on mute!” video

The phase we have used and heard SO often in the last year as we meet on zoom! Composition by Laura with lyrics from Mr G.

To sing along…

You’re still on mute

Sitting in the same old chair
Wrapped up in the same old sweater
Laptop sits precariously
Life couldn’t get much better
Kitchen clock says 10 to 9
I’ve not even left the room
Now it’s time to register
Hoping I’ll connect to Zoom.
Disaster strikes, connection is poor.
I’d better check the router…
Oh no! Now dad’s on my computer!
Eventually I get it back
Just in time my turn to speak.
Eyes are rolled, shoulders shrug.
No one hears me . Now it’s bleak.
I try to shout shout shout and thrash about, ’bout ’bout
This is acute.
You’re still on mute!
I wave my hand hand hand, d’you understand stand stand?
I can’t compute!
You’re still on mute!
I tap the screen screen screen, then make a scene scene scene.
Shall I reboot?
You’re still on mute!
Please don’t reboot.
You’re still on mute!