Year 5 Poetry Winner Announced By The Place!

Dance school, The Place, have announced that Jack has won their poetry competition with the prize of a family ticket to a day’s extravaganza there! 

On the family day (July 20th) a robot will write out Jack’s poem in sand!

The judges wanted to say a HUGE well done to the other entrants and highly commended Maya, Olly, Ben, Matthew, Roisin, Arthur, Leo and Nina for their wonderful entries. They were arguing over who should win for hours and had great fun reading them aloud. If you’d like to read the other entries, find the 100 Word Challenge from 3 weeks ago on the Year 5 blog. Jack’s winning poem is below…


Do the Harlem shake

Do the Gangnam Style
For goodness sake
Dance for a while

Do some hip-hop
Do some disco
Please don’t stop
Please don’t slow

Try the twist
Please don’t go
Otherwise you’ll miss
The flamenco

Move your feet
Wave your arms
Stage or street
You’ll do no harm

Do tap dancing
Do pop dancing
Do rock dancing
Don’t stop dancing!