WORMS in Nursery

Team Nursery read Superworm by Julia Donaldson – we loved the rhymes and learnt the chorus:

Superworm is super strong,

Superworm is super long,

Watch him wiggle! See him Squirm!

Him, hip hooray for SUPERWORM!

We decided we would try and find the strongest and longest worm in Eleanor Palmer!

First we created a real-life Wormery for our classroom.

Next we dug in the Nursery garden and collected worms for our Wormery. Unfortunately we didn’t find many – and the worms we found were very small.

Luckily, Susie ordered some worms from ‘Worms Direct’ – they were so long and looked really strong! We spent a lot of time observing the way they moved.

Finally we put them into our Wormery. We now watch them making patterns in the soil and sand.

Team Nursery LOVE worms!