The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

The children have loved hearing the book and taking part in lots of sandwich themed activities. We have been creating our own zip line and pulley system in the outdoor area and working as a team to protect our food from the dastardly seagulls! We made jam sandwiches to share and did well to follow the recipe. The tricky bit was cutting the sandwiches into four equal parts!  Despite our best efforts the cheeky seagull (Natalie) managed to steal lots of our food.

This week we have been hard at work designing and making our sandwich protectors. We had some brilliant ideas including tigers, scarecrows, dinosaurs, chains and lemons!! The children all drew their designs and then wrote down a list of resources they would need. We tasted mustard to see why the seagulls never came back for Mr Grinling’s lunch, most of us agreed with the seagulls we found it “yucky,” “spicy” and “tickly.”