Campaign Against Solar Tax on Channel 4 News

We are determined to stop the proposed tax on our solar panels!

We’ve visited The Treasury twice in our campaign and joined Greenpeace to hand the petition against the tax to Philip Hammond. We’ve been in both The Times and The Guardian and the issue was covered by Channel 4 news featuring Eleanor Palmer on budget day view the Channel 4 news piece

The petition against the tax currently has over 200,000 signatures, but we’d obviously like to do our bit to add more!

Sign the petition here

Read The Guardian article here!

Read The Times article here

Energy Live News Article

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As we say in the article,the tax is bonkers!  It’s punishing us and every other state school who have worked so hard to install solar panels. Our children were so passionate and inspired to reach our solar target, are excited and empowered about doing something so tangible to tackle climate change and the panels are a fantastic resource for science, technology and maths education.

In addition to our environmental purpose for installing solar panels; our goal was also to reduce bills and save money. We’re already seeing savings on our energy bills and don’t want this negated in any way by the new tax.

We’re proud to be generating our own energy from a renewable source. Please support our campaign!