Reception make pizza!

We have been finding out all about bread in class, so on Wednesday we went to Pizza Express in Camden Town to find out about a different way to use bread – to make some tasty pizza! First we had lots of fun patting and stretching the dough, Abdul the pizza chef showed us how to do it. Next we added the tangy tomato sauce and we had to give it a big shake to spread it all around. The third step was adding the mozzarella cheese, making sure we sprinkled some all over. Then had a little smell of the oregano and decided whether we would like to add it or not. Last of all came the black pepper in the big red pepper grinders, we added that very carefully! When our pizzas were baking in the oven we were very adventurous and tasted lots of different pizza toppings, including, olives, basil, red onion, red pepper and mushroom slices. We took our pizzas back to school and had a yummy afternoon snack.