Eleanor Palmer is Ofsted Outstanding

Letter from Eleanor Palmer School Chair of Governors Christophe Frèrebeau –

I’m delighted to share the excellent news that following the recent Ofsted inspection, Eleanor Palmer has been judged as Outstanding in all areas. This confirms what governors already know about Eleanor Palmer: it is a school in which everyone goes above and beyond to ensure that every child can thrive.

This is a wonderful external validation of the standard of teaching that is now synonymous with Eleanor Palmer. The report reflects the entire staff – from teachers to support staff and the administrative team – who collectively make the school Outstanding.

This achievement is especially remarkable given that the Ofsted framework has changed significantly since the school’s last inspection in 2011. For a school to be judged as Outstanding, the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management and Early Years provision must all be exceptional. It’s worth noting that only 1 in 5 schools graded Outstanding under the previous framework, have retained this grade when reinspected.

The full Ofsted report linked is succinct, and couldn’t possibly include everything the inspectors remarked upon during their visit. However, it depicts a clear view of how the school provides a consistently calm and purposeful place where children can achieve excellence and love learning.

Our dedicated headteachers, Sally Hill and Natalie Stevenson have, in a span of just two years, shown the vision and leadership to continuously improve the school. As governors, we’re consistently impressed by their dedication and attention to detail, ensuring the wellbeing and education of our pupils.

During the inspection, as always, the pupils were full of knowledge, articulate about their learning and their positive experience at Eleanor Palmer. A significant part of the inspection focused on reviewing the effectiveness of the curriculum. The school received validation for teaching in depth, making links across the curriculum and enriching learning with trips and visitors.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our committed and engaged community – true partners in the education of our children. We’re deeply grateful to all parents and carers who generously contribute their time or resources to ‘Keep it EP!’ ensuring that our enrichment program is sustained.

We view this Outstanding grade not as an endpoint, but as a stepping stone. As ever, the school and the governing body has a clear vision ahead, filled with opportunities to further refine and enhance our provision for the children at Eleanor Palmer.