Half Term Activities?

We hope that everyone will enjoy some time to relax, read, talk and play during half term.

If you are looking for some science inspiration, The Crick Institute have shared a great pack for inspiration. Science on Your Doorstep

They’re also hosting a new event – the ‘Making Mayhem: The Mega Science Quiz’ – which will be taking place live on Thursday 18th February at 11am.

We are delighted the EP children are being recruited as spies! Take a look at this video asking four our help SPY KIDS WANTED

If you are a fan of espionage head to http://www.spykidswanted.com for quizzes and stories – designed for ages 7-12, but fun for all ages.

Lots of ideas too on the Screen-break sheets shared by teachers last week. So whether you are out and about locally looking for signs of spring, baking and making at home, reading, talking and relaxing – and hopefully all of these things! – have a wonderful half term.