Fleet Footed Year 5 Reach the Source

Year 5 have kicked of their new topic in adventurous style – hunting down the source of the River Fleet on a gorgeous sunny day! We journeyed into the depths of Hampstead Heath to find where the river begins and then followed its path downhill, stopping off along the way to capture some photographs of the water fowl along the way. We saw ducks, moorhens, coots, swans and their cygnets, and even a heron. There was even an avian visitor from another continent – see if you can spot who it was! We even managed to spot some clues as to the path of the river once we left the Heath – the street names were a big help! We have been really inspired by our trip to the Heath and our hunt for the Fleet, we are going to use it as the starting point for our Whole School Art contributions celebrating Our Beautiful World!