Dinosaur Galore Nursery’s visit to the Natural History Museum

Team Nursery had a great trip to the Natural History Museum. We loved exploring the dinosaur fossils, robotic replicas and learning more facts about our topic! We also discovered that the Plesiosaur is not actually a dinosaur, but rather a large swimming reptile! We were so impressed by the large ichthyosaur –  especially it’s HUGE eye and LONG backbone. We also talked about other animals that have become extinct – like the Dodo and almost extinct – like the Blue Whale!

Check out our photos – can you spot:

  • A Tyrannosaurus’ skull?
  • The most intact Stegosaurus fossil in the world?
  • A Triceratops’ horn?
  • An Iguanodon’s thumb spike?
  • A robotic T-Rex!
  • Some fluffy and feathery Deinonychus?
  • Some Maiasaura’s eggs?
  • A running Allosaurus?

A great day out – big thanks to all our Nursery class parent helpers!