Day 1 at Planting Promise!

Hello everybody! We’ve had our first full day at our partner school Planting Promise and it was great! The children have a new uniform (yellow and maroon to replace the old green one) and they look so smart! The biggest and most remarkable change is that the school now has another building just down the road (still on the very same street!) It is like a house with different rooms and stairs! The three nursery classes and the Year 6 class are there. We spent the day doing a mixture of watching lessons, working with groups and individuals, reading stories and teaching whole lessons. We even taught a class Ping Pong and they love it! Watch out EP – they are very good at it! Everybody is so friendly and they cannot wait to see all the cardboard people that you made tomorrow! We hope school is going well and you are all working hard. Is it raining in London? Here it is very muggy! A chameleon just ran past us – it was changing colour as it ran from the grass to the brickwork! We miss you all! Enjoy the photos! Miss McGrory and Miss Cumming xxx