Bumper Crop!

Last week Year 4 helped our wonderful gardener Bernadette gather the harvest of apples, pears and raspberries. They carefully cut, gathered and tied bunches of lavender and pulled out our purple carrots and knobbly turnips! Much of the produce has been grown by the children from seed in the spring and we’ve tended it carefully by watering, weeding (and removing snails!) over the hot summer months.
Once harvested we the weigh the produce, fantastic for supporting our understanding of weights and measures (2525 grams of pears last week = 2.525 kilograms!). There’s lots of opportunity to sample our harvest, and Year 4 enjoyed trying the different varieties of apple grown.
Well done to all our keen growers! And we’re not finished yet, there is still more to harvest!

This Year – our harvest produced:
• 258 meals
• 20.62 Kg of produce
• we saved £210.45 by growing this food to eat

We register our harvest with Harvest-o-meter as part of the Big Dig, which is a project of Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming. https://www.bigdig.org.uk/harvestometer/