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Maths for Parents

We have made 4 short videos for parents to explain how we teach the 4 core formal operations in mathematics. In particular we want parents to understand the expanded methods we use along the journey to the formal ‘compact’ method. Underneath each video is a link to a document detailing progression and essential number facts, in more detail. Enjoy!


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Linked below are some key mental maths skills for each year group. We know that secure and rapid recall of these maths facts help children to understand the relationships between numbers. By committing key facts to memory they can be recalled fluently, freeing up thinking to work on higher level maths concepts. We will of course learn these number facts in school, but support and practice at home helps secure these key maths building blocks.

Year 1 Mental Maths

Year 2 Mental Maths

Year 3 Mental Maths

Year 4 Mental Maths

Year 5 Mental Maths

Year 6 Mental Maths

More useful websites and links for home learning can be found on each Year Group page.