SEND Categories

1. Leadership, Management and Governance

Headteacher Kate Frood and deputy head teacher Sally Hill lead Inclusion at Eleanor Palmer. This is a strategic decision to put inclusion at the heart of the school. Our school is firmly committed to inclusion and works to make it possible for children with a wide range of needs to feel included and welcome. Our aspiration is that all pupils, irrespective of attainment, gender, ethnicity and need are able to achieve highly and feel happy and included in their education.

“Promoting equality of opportunity and tackling discrimination are at the core of the school’s values. The committed staff team ensure that each pupil’s needs are identified and addressed. As a result, the attainment of the potentially more vulnerable is much higher at the school than nationally.”

OfSTED 2011

“School leaders have created a culture of high aspiration where all children are able to achieve excellent academic and wider outcomes.”

-David Bartram OBE, 2019 (SEND Consultant).

Sally Hill is SENCO and chairs annual reviews; termly reviews and staff/class termly reviews and liaises with external professionals in terms of planning.

They are ably supported by a range of part–time teaching staff and teaching assistants who work in different roles across the school and who, between them, do the all-important ‘front-line’ work. It is these team members who will work directly with your child and who are responsible for target setting and structured interventions and assessments.

Key staff members are:

  • Sally Hill – SENCO and lead in Foundation Stage;
  • Angela Ross – SEND lead KS1
  • Annie Fair – SEND lead KS2

Our Governing Body has over-arching responsibility for SEND provision, review and evaluation. Our PPC Committee (Parents, Pupils and Community) lead on this. We discuss issues at each committee meeting, and review all relevant policies.

At every Governing Body Meeting, Kate Frood, as headteacher, includes a report on special needs in her report to governors.

This Local Offer was co-created by Kate with the governors’ PPC Committee in consultation with all staff and parents of pupils with SEND in Autumn 2014 and is reviewed annually..

We work closely with Camden’s excellent SEND department and all its health and education peripatetic services. Camden’s Local Offer can be viewed here:

How is special needs teaching funded?

Every child in the school brings ‘per pupil’ funding. We also receive additional funding to enable us to do additional teaching and to target needs. This is a lump sum calculated on a range of proxy indicators such as the number of pupils in our school in receipt of free school meals and all pupils’ prior attainment.

It is our responsibility to manage these funds, our staffing and resources to ensure we meet the needs of all our pupils. For the small number of children who have very complex needs and who receive a full Education and Health Care Plan, the local authority gives us a further top-up.

Does Eleanor Palmer cater for a range of needs?