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Ofsted and attainment data

We are very proud of our OfSTED outstanding judgement from October 2011! This may mean that OfSTED don’t visit us again for a while. However, we belong to a national organisation called Challenge Partners : part of the commitment to belonging is to have an annual peer review from other member schools led by an OfSTED inspector. We welcome this so that we keep our school and our standards under constant review. Links to our three most recent reports are here:

Challenge Partners Report 2019

Challenge Partners Report 2018

Challenge Partners Review 2017

Challenge Partners Review 2016

Links to national attainment and progress data are below

The Department for Education – Performance Tables

Eleanor Palmer Primary School Key stage 2 Headline Measures  2018

Eleanor Palmer Primary School Key stage 2 three year average Headline Measures 2016-2018

Eleanor Palmer Primary School Key stage 2 time series Headline Measures  2016-18