The Whittington Stone

This week we have been learning the traditional tale, ‘Dick Whittington’

We have read different versions, role played the story, sorted and ordered pictures and starting writing our very own books!

But the name Whittington was very familiar to us and looking on our local map we saw lots of places named after our main character!

The legend says Whittington ran out of London but on hearing the bells chiming ‘turn again’ he changed his mind headed back to find his fortune. It is at the Whittington Stone he is said to have heard the Bow Bells. So we headed off to see the stone in the countryside and find out if we too could hear the bells. It was a brisk 20 minute walk north but we didn’t find countryside, nor were we able to hear the bells. What did we find? Archway and a lovely Stone cat!

This really brought our understanding of how London has changed and grown over the hundreds of years to life.

We loved learning and seeing more of our local history too!