RUN EP RUN 2024!

139 children ran 2k to raise funds for our wellbeing provision at EP. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, especially on a very hot day, and we are so proud of all the children who took part. Thank you to all the families that came along to cheer and to friends, neighbours and extended families who have so generously donated in sponsorship.

The totals are coming in, but we’ve £7k raised so far. This will be match funded through Run Kids Run corporate sponsors, so the more we can continue to raise, the greater the match funding – so let’s go for our goal of £15K!

It’s not too late to sponsor all the children listed below through this link  SPONSOR HERE- THANK YOU!

Agnes-Albie- Alec-Alexis-Alia-Amara-Amrita-Anais-Angel-Annabel-Archie-Ariella- Arlo-Arthur S-Arya-Auby-Ava-Ayah-Beau-Bella-Billie-Blake-Cairo-Chizara-Clementine-Cooper-Cora-Daisy-Dash-Dylan-Eddie-Eira-Elise R-Elise M-Elsie K-Elsie M-Elvira- Emerson- Emily Pe-Emily Pi-Enzo-Erika-Erin-Esmae-Esme-Eve-Felix-Finlay-Fox-Francesca-Gabriel-Georgia-Helena-Indi-Ira-James C-Jasper-Jesse-Josh-Juliet-Kamilla-Kassidy-Lara-Leon Pi-Leon Po-Lewis-Lexie-Libby-Lina-Loli-Lou-Luca-Lucas-Mabel-Mai-Maia A-Maia D-Mani-Marcos-Marcus-Martin James- Maryam-Max H-Maxi D- Maxi R-May-Maya D- Maya S- Milla- Molly-Nico-Noa-Nora-Olivia-Oscar B-Oscar S-Rachel- Rafa D-Rafa MT- Rafael B-Raphaëlle-Raúl-Renée -Reuben-Ricky-Rocky-Rosie-Sam-Sara-Scarlett-Sebby-Seren-Siandra-Sid-Sofia-Sonny-Sophia-Sophie-Suri-Tata-Theo H-Theodore-Toby KG-Tomas-Tore-Vanessa-Vera P-Vince W-Vincent F-Vincent Blaise- Xanthe-Zachi-Zavier