Thames Walk with our Year 5 buddies!

On Friday 10th March Year 1 and their Year 5 buddies went to visit the River Thames! Year 5 have been studying Rivers and we have been learning about London - everyone had facts to share!

We started at Blackfriars Bridge, where we could see St Paul’s Cathedral on the opposite side of the river. Year 1 describe to Year 5 what happened in 1666 - when the lead roof melted in the Great Fire!

We passed The Globe Theatre. Year 1 said the Globe would have burnt down during the fire of London as it was made of wood and our buddies told us how they had performed Romeo and Juliet on the stage at Shakespeare’s Globe!

We saw two very different boats - The Golden Hinde and HMS Belfast and walked under and over many bridges - including London Bridge and Tower Bridge!

We had lunch next to City Hall - where we also played lots of fun games!

There were several group photos - the highlight for Year 1 was when the Shard suddenly appeared out of the mist! We can’t believe we will be going up there very soon!!

Today we wrote up our adventure as a recount for our unaided writing sample!!